III. Solar Panels

1. 100 Watt

The Grape Solar 100 Watt Solar Panel is the most cost effective module in its class. This panel is designed to be used as a battery charger when operated in conjunction with a Charge Controller. The use of a Charge Controller (not included) will optimize the panel performance and regulate the voltage of the output for safe battery charging.
This 100 Watt panel is ideal for charging any appliance/machinery including: RVs, Pumps, Gates, Electric Fences, Lighting, Car Batteries and much more.

Solat Hybrid Inverter & UPS

2. 150 Watt

Solar Charge Controllers

SunWize Solar Modules deliver top-quality performance for all photovoltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging. SunWize modules can be used in single-module and multiple-module installations. Each module consists of 36 solar cells connected in series (except the SW90C which is 48 cells in series), providing maximum charging power.


3. 250 Watt

The AUO AC Unison PM250MA0 250-watt AC solar panel is a new breakthrough in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. AUO combines a premium PV module with proven, reliable micro inverter technology to maximize power efficiency and simplify installation for end users. With the AUO AC Unison PM250MA0 solar panel, adding to your existing solar panel system is as simple as plugging one module into another. No clumsy trunk cable is required. Integrated micro inverters convert a solar panel's DC power to grid compliant AC power at each, individual panel within a system. AUO AC solar panels will increase your system's performance by up to 25%, reduce power losses from shading, and make it safer to install and own. AUO AC Unison PM250MA0 AC solar panels are also easily installed, monitored, and maintained

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